Become a part of the Global Solution; Join the Awakening Sovereignty Movement.

We have created 4 Avenues through which anyone and everyone can contribute to, and be supported by the the New Paradigm of Unconditional Love.

Members: Add your name and purpose to our list of Sovereign Beings choosing Unity, Abundance and Peace. Sign up for our Inspiriational Newsletters

Supporters: Empower the Unconditional-Love Revolution with funding to support and enable more beings into Sovereign Freedom.

Ambassadors: Represent, Promote, and Connect the Tribe to like minded groups and beings.

ASCollective: Work with us and earn cash and Keys in one of our many Cooperative Businesses

The Abundance Network is the weave that connects all of the sub-organizations within the ASCollective together. A Expansive Networking System that combines Mentorship, Life-coaching, and Sales together to Enable Financial Sovereignty while connecting loved ones to products and services that promote healthy happy people and a vibrant planet.

The Creators Consortium is a New Paradigm Hiring Agency. We accept short term tasks and long term employment from all of the organizations within the ASCollective.

The Sovereign Abundance Alliance’s purpose is to steward the mass adoption of our Sovereign Abundance Generating Technology. We have pioneered a series of software programs that provide valuable services to various online Industries in exchange for regular income.

The ASOasis Crew provides ecovillage building/Permaculture Food Forestry/Group Mediation services to the world. We grow gardens, install sustainable energy systems, steward food forests and build eco-structures.

The Guardian Foundation is the Backbone of the ASCollective. Our Guardians are the first and final support system for every circle within the ASC. We are the ones responsible for the safety and stewardship of every land based community within our network.

The Artists Collaborative provides high quality media experiences for the purpose of inspiring and recruiting members from the old paradigm into the ASCollective.

The Healers and Guides Sanctuary provides services that expand consciousness and empower enlightened states of being. We connect beings who wish to experience breathwork, flow forms, medicine journeys, massage modalities, conscious energy movement, and tantra with Skilled Masters.

The ASFund’s purpose is to obtain loans and investments on behalf of the ASCollective. Investors are awarded with voting privileges in our collective, a 5.5% dividend of all Revenue, and 33% of our Cryptocurrency.