We have created a modular, replicable, infinitely expansive system of cooperative governance and value distribution; utilizing third generation blockchain technology to nullify the need for lawyers, representatives and accountants. Our structure allows for separate organizations and beings to come together and share resources, tools and knowledge in a way that synergistically uplifts every member of the collaboration.

The value of this system is measured in keys. Keys are minted and awarded those who are changing the world into a better place. Each Key represents voting power within the overall collective. Additionally, Key holders are paid a 11% dividend of net profits. Upon launch 70% of our Cryptocurrency will be given to our Key Holders. The organizations in our collective will accept this currency as payment for all products and services offered, creating a global economic alternative to Fiat Currency that promotes unity, unconditional support and sustainability.

The easiest way to explain this system is through a case use example. Currently our collective is composed of 13 circles

The 1st circle is the Awakening Sovereignty Oasis. The ASO circle earns revenue by building infrastructure for new paradigm Ecovillages. The funds are put into a pool and then the members are paid out depending on experience. After operational costs are paid the remaining funds are moved into the Awakening Sovereignty Collective Pool. The ASO circle then receives a key for every 3 dollars contributed and distributes the keys to its member based upon group preference determined by majority vote.

The 2nd circle is the Abundance Network. The AN circle creates value by providing viral social media, advertising and marketing services. We award the AN circle with 1 key per 3 members, 11 page likes, 5 dollars earned or 5 keys sold. We also award 7-13% of recruits earnings to the referrer.

The 3rd circle is our Network of Micro-Nations in Ecuador; Terra Frutis. Terra Frutis does not contribute funds to the collective. Instead the TF circle provides infrastructure for our members. Free housing, food, education, and space for business. The AWC pool awards Terra Frutis for shared land usage, expansion of infrastructure, stewardship and guardianship of communities.

The 4th circle is our Artists Collaborative. The AC circle provides videos, articles, music and event infrastructure to promote ASC businesses. The AC circle is awarded with both funds and keys for their contributions.

The 5th circle is the Awakening Sovereignty Investment Fund; Which receives monetary contributions and handles loans that go to fund the rest of the collective. Investors are awarded with voting privileges in our collective, a 5.5% dividend of all Revenue, and 33% of our Cryptocurrency.

The 6th Circle is the Ancient Medicine Union; Which connects our members and their families to plant based medicines such as Kratom.

The 7th Circle is the Sovereign Abundance Alliance, Which provides automated residual income technology, online virtual representation, viral media services, better energy tech and advanced robotic automation.

The 8th Circle is the Creators Consortium is a New Paradigm Hiring Agency. We accept short term tasks and long term employment from all our allies and circles. We award a mixture of Cash and Keys for completion of tasks. We also offer free training for a multitude of positions

The 9th circle is the Travelers Caravan which supports the ASCollective by providing transportation for all of our members. We manage stewardship of collective vehicles and award our caravan leaders with keys and cash for bringing our people where they are called to.

The 10th Circle is Guardian Foundation; the Backbone of the ASCollective. Our Guardians are the first and final support system for every circle within the ASC. Holders of primary responsibility for the safety and stewardship of every land based community within our network.

The 11th circle is the Healers and Guides Sanctuary which provides services that expand consciousness and empower enlightened states of being. We connect beings who wish to experience breathwork, flow forms, medicine journeys, massage modalities, conscious energy movement, and tantra with Skilled Masters.

The 12th circle is the LovesPresence store which is designed to share consciousness raising, earth-honoring, health promoting and love-inducing products for the enlightenment of the human race. We award LovesPresence Ambassadors with 44% of commision from all products sold.

The 13th circle is TeslaNova Group. A mass networking organization that spreads education of ancient and advanced technologies to mass consciousness to empower the human race into a higher state of independence. We award TeslaNova Cash and keys for creating educational content, for connecting beings into the ASCollective and for research and development of technological solutions for humanity.

Numerous teams are currently developing the software infrastructure to allow this system to function in a cryptographically secure, transparent and instantaneous way. Our Alpha model is almost ready for use and can be found here Eventually, our software will include the following features.

-Resources being moved through conditional gateways that can be triggered by events or voting
-Computer based methods of checking and verifying event conditions
-Funds automatically distributed throughout networks of accounts based upon smart contracts that can be permanent or fluid
-Conditional events that activate pre-set programs stored upon a decentralized cloud.
-Ability to merge and separate pools, revenue streams and assets.
-Ability to resign from a circle/the collective, separate all contributed assets and forfeit all influence.
-Capacity to resign if a specific vote is passed.
-Intricate voting system with chaining and forking delegation of decisions
-Community and Individual Identification and Trust Rating
-Crowdfunding with ownership/interest/ROI options
-Integration of Advanced Robotics and Machine Learning

More details can be found here

Awakening Sovereignty Action Plan
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