Action Plan

The Awakening Sovereignty Action Plan is structured into twelve synergistic features and three sections. Features, Implementation Strategy, and Requisites
Section One; The 12 Features.

1. Unifying all beings in alignment with Unconditional Love by Networking, Indexing and Mapping all ecovillages, micro-nations, businesses, nonprofit organizations, and sovereign beings in alignment with unconditional cooperative living and a unified earth.
2. Decentralized Cooperative Franchises that provide ethical, sustainable, cooperative, transparent alternatives to every product and service found within the Old Paradigm.
3. Outreach to every person in the world; We promote ourselves through social media, advertising, ambassadors, aligned news groups, events and online virtual representation.
4. The Blockchain; We use decentralized autonomous tools for communities, humanitarian organizations and cooperatives to function without needing to register an official old paradigm organization or hire old paradigm workers like lawyers, accountants, and representatives.
5. Online Schooling; We provide free (and paid) online courses for all things relevant.
6. Sovereign Temples; Inner-city locations that hold space for our healers, teachers, events, products and services while being an embodiment of the new paradigm to the masses.
7. The Abundance Network; Incentivizing mass adoption through awarded collaboration
8. Ambassadors; Representatives that attract new members/organizations to participate.
9. Autonomous Holons; Beyond sustainable eco-villages, empowered by advanced robotics.
10. Branding; A collaborative network of brands to reach all potential audience members.
11. Caravans; Traveling groups of artists/performers led by our Ambassadors
12. The Big Picture; A complete alternative for every function the old paradigm provides. News, Media, Employment, Housing, Investment, Education, Value Distribution, Security, Problem Resolution, Identification, Products and Services. These functions providing the foundation for a Global Problem Solving Platform with all the connections, resources, and energies required to create and empower solutions for every challenge we face as the human race

1. Our mapping and indexing project is composed of 7 different parts. Ecovillages, Land-Based Networks, Cooperative Businesses, Humanitarian Organizations, Sovereign Beings, Challenges and Solutions.

1.1. We list every intentional community that meets a certain standard of Criteria. To join our network a community must intend to be Open, Beyond Sustainable, and Co-Governed. We define this as a willingness to expand and collaborate as well as hosting a free volunteer program, while producing more food, water, and products then are required by the community along with all members feeling respected and acknowledged.

1.2 We list multi community networks with similar intentions. Those networks are
1.2.1 New Earth Nation:
1.2.2 BitNation:
1.2.3 Numundo:
1.2.4 Comun Tierra:
1.2.5 EcoBasa:

1.3 We list all cooperative businesses that have a relevant product or service to offer our audience. Our definitions for cooperative are quite flexible, and the judgement process is based more upon the intentions of those involved than on their literal policies.

1.4 Listing all organizations that are actively creating and empowering solutions.

1.5 By signing up as a member of the awakening sovereignty movement, our members choose to join our Sovereign Index. A list of the beings on this planet who choose to be guided by empowerment and love.

1.6  A complete list of every challenge the human race is experiencing, categorized by region. Anyone may submit a new challenge.

1.7 An ever expanding index of solutions for every problem built upon a platform through which anyone may submit, revise, up-vote, or down-vote solutions.

1.8 Building upon pre-existing social media frameworks to build a new platform that combines the best of Facebook, Minds, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Craigslist, Youtube, and Linked in, with crowdfunding like kickstarter and indi-gogo with our global indexing project to bring together all elements required to create and empower solutions. Check out our Chosen Platform, Synero which is still under development. In the meantime enjoy MINDS


2 Our Decentralized Franchise Cooperative business models can be used by anyone in the world to effortlessly monetize the passions of any community; Providing higher quality alternatives at a lower price through inspired collaboration.

2.1 Services. Every Service a Sovereign Being could want; From starting/expanding cooperative businesses, to nonprofit humanitarian organizations, to artistry of all kinds and all forms of fundraising.

2.1.1 Business Services; We offer Graphic Design/Website Development/SEO Optimization/Social Media Content/Marketing/Online Virtual Representation/Project and Personnel Management/Consultation services to cooperative businesses that are embodying new paradigm values.

2.1.2 Artistan Services: We offer Tour and Event Management/Pre-Post Production Editing/Recording/Distribution/Content Creation/Graphic Design services to artists aligned with the evolution of consciousness

2.1.3 Ecovillage Services: We offer Food Foresty/EcoBuilding/Intergrated systems Development/Community Mediation/Team Building/Cooperative Business/Nonprofit/Legal services to cooperative land based communities.

2.1.4 Fundraising Services; We offer Consultation/Media Outreach/Graphic Design/Advertising/Grant Writing/Investment allocation services for those seeking to raise funds for good causes.

2.2. Technology. We provide Robotics and Software for enhanced Sovereignty. Everything from free DIY instructables, to DIY kits, to low end, medium end, high end and leading edge automated upgrades.
2.2.1 Water Collection; Dehumidification, Rain, Well, River
2.2.2 Energy Systems: Static and Portable. Wind, Solar, Bio-fuel, and Beyond.
2.2.3 Food Production: Modular and Scaleable. Indoor and outdoor. Emphasis on Permaculture Food Forest outdoor solutions combined with multi-tiered high density indoor solutions.
2.2.4 Security: From automated Surveillance to “Complete” protection and everything in between. Including land based, flying and immobile security solutions.
2.2.5 Software: Decentralized tools for increased empowerment through cyberspace and the real world through the vessel of robotics
2.2.6 Transportation: Electric bikes and expandable trailers featuring compact modular technology from sections 2.2.1-2.2.4

2.2 We will combine yelp like functionalities with our Ecovillages and Tribe Temple spaces to connect our members to new paradigm products and services. Fresh produce delivery, Gourmet Living Food, Hand-made products with an emphasis on artwork representing elevated consciousness(sacred geometry, ect), Healing services(massage, sound healing, medicine journeys, tantra, neuro-linguistic programming, ect) and teachers (Qi-gong, Yoga, Flows arts and other consciousness expanding arts) straight from Ecovillages and Tribe Temples around the customer.

2.3 We are currently developing an online database of healers, guides and teachers in alignment with our cause that we will promote for a commission.

2.4 We are creating an online consciousness superstore that guarantees the most conscious roducts available with an emphasis on the following standards

2.4.1 Thriving Wages. Beyond living wages, every being involved in the creation of the project was compensated appropriately for the value they contributed.
2.4.2 Environment. Our products do not damage the environment.
2.4.3 Sourcing. We source materials only from groups in alignment with our cause.


3. Word of mouth and social media are our primary outlets of expansion. We represent ourselves on Facebook, Google plus, Youtube, Vimeo, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Minds, Vine, Soundcloud, Tsu, and More.


3.1 We offer in house exchangeable currency for our members to promote us on social media based upon size/interactions rates of each member’s networks. This is accomplished through our Abundance Network

3.2 We are creating applications that utilize our members profiles to interact on social media in an automated way. Online Virtual Representatives.

3.3 We represent ourselves at festivals and other events.

3.4 We embody a new paradigm Decentralized News Agency. Creating and Releasing content and live news from our communities and members to our ever expanding network to attract new members and continuously gather and hold more attention. Currently this Group is the Focal point of our sharing of information
4. The Blockchain. All of the infrastructure for our organization is being built upon a custom blockchain that combines every function together in an autonomous cryptographically secure way. Our Crypto Services allow for communities, humanitarian organizations and cooperatives to function without needing to participate in the old paradigm. We are working with Ethereum, Bitnation and Swarm to develop these tools and bring them into mass awareness.

4.1 Evaluation and distribution of value through numerous networks/organizations
4.2 Intricate voting system with chaining and forking delegation of decisions
4.3 Smart contracts that ensure funds are used as originally intended
4.4 Cooperative Problem Resolution
4.5 Community and Individual Identification and Trust Rating
4.6 Event Triggered Protocols

5. Our online Academy will feature artificially intelligent and human teachers for our students and three  different schools.

5.1 Cyber School for education on all things regarding technology and programming. Our school will use a mixture of revamped classes from the following free websites.
5.1.3 We will structure these courses with “Paths” that will guide our students throughout the massive amount of information available in a structured and graphically inspiring way.

5.2 Applied spirituality school for practices and techniques to create profound change in one’s life. We have decided to unify with the Guardian Alliance to meet this need.

5.3 Creation School for all things physical. Pulling from the blueprints of One Community, instructables, TeslaNova, and other sites to create courses with an emphasis on the following materials and features
5.3.1 Permaculture Food forests that self sustain and expand upon themselves
5.3.2 High density multi tiered indoor food production
5.3.3 Efficient, Sustainable building practices and techniques
5.3.4 Water collection, purification, irrigation and plumbing
5.3.5 Advanced Robotics
5.3.6 Applied Spiritual Practices that create profound effects


6. Sovereign Temples. One of our primary avenues of increasing participation in the New Paradigm way of life. Hosting Healers and teachers, Our automated food production technologies,  Gourmet living food restaurants,  Advanced Robotics and Software Displays, Community Events, Handmade jewelry, clothing, and other products, and housing for our ambassadors.


7. The Abundance Network. To incentivize mass adoption we reward every action that benefits the collective with our Crypto Currency Sovereign Keys. Keys are exchangeable for USD, Gift Cards, Sovereign Technologies, Professional Training, and Funding for Humanitarian Solutions. There are several ways to earn keys

7.1 Our Abundance Generating software, which creates value by assisting various global internet industries with a plethora of data processing services.

7.2 Media. Includes pictures, images, music, articles and videos reflecting the new paradigm of unconditional love, excitement and joy. Payout will depend entirely on the quality of media.

7.3 Sales of products and services. 44% of all value earned from each sale will go directly to the person who created the connection

7.4 Connecting the Awakening Sovereignty Collective to like minded organizations.

7.5 Being a leader. Varies dramatically. Paid by the hour.

7.6 Recruitment. We award members a percentage of their referral networks’ earnings.
Tier 1: 13%
Tier 2: 11%
Tier 3: 9%
Tier 4: 7%

8. Our Ambassadors serve as the living embodiments of our way of life. Receiving extensive training and mentorship from other Ambassadors in all fields relevant to navigating through this world in an empowered state of being

8.1 Ambassadors receive extensive training in a variety of fields. A mixture of online schooling, and real world training directly from another Ambassador.
8.1.2 Applied Spiritual Practices; Qigong, Tai-Chi, Yoga, Various Meditations
8.1.3 Healing Modalities; Massage, Sound Alchemy, Directed Awareness
8.1.4 Diplomatic Arts. Neurolinguistic Programming, Group Mediation.
8.1.5 Warrior Empowerment. Martial Arts, Combat Awareness, and Strategy.

8.2 Our Ambassadors serve as the bridge for all our Functions
8.2.1 Stewards of our Temples, Holons, and Ecovillages.
8.2.2 Leaders of all of our solutions
8.2.3 Creators and implementers of new businesses, services, and solutions
8.2.4. Representatives to other organizations/people


9. Autonomous Holons featuring full automation of repetitive tasks and Centers for living, learning, resource and product creation. Utilizing synergistic natural and robotic systems operated by our decentralized artificial intelligence to autonomize all manual systems including
9.1.1 Permaculture Food Forests
9.1.2 Indoor, Multi-tiered, High Density Aeroponic and Hydroponic grow systems
9.1.3 Automated food collection and meal creation
9.1.4 Mechanically assisted Compost and Biofuel generation
9.1.5 Water collection, purification and irrigation
9.1.6 Robotic Cleaning and Security.

9.2 The purpose of our Holons are to provide free, safe, nurturing, healing, abundant spaces from which all manner of creative arts are born and expanded upon. With a strong emphasis on
9.2.1 Applied spiritual practices.
9.2.2 Group and Self Healing modalities
9.2.3 Training. Of the mind, body and soul.
9.2.4 Creation. Anything, so long as it brings value.
9.2.5 Events. To bring awareness of alternatives into mass consciousness

10. Branding. We use a plethora of different brands to promote each aspect of what we have to offer to different target audiences.

11. Caravans. Led by Ambassadors and filled with Performers and Artisans. Caravans move from new paradigm ecovillages, temples and centers to old paradigm cities. Performing at events and on the streets everywhere they go while promoting our products and creating media content.

12. The Big picture. We make every key for Sovereignty and Enlightenment available to everyone. Then we use a combination of Entrancing Mind Expanding Media, Influential Ambassadors, Cooperative Business, Free Services, Revolutionary Products, Artificial Intelligence, Land-based Communities, Decentralized Autonomous Co-governance, Events and Incentivized Participation to attract the attention of everyone in alignment with Unconditional Love into our Global Problem Solving Platform to bring together all the resources, connections, knowledge and energies to create change in a way this world has never seen.


Section 2: Implementation
Our plan has 7 stages.

Stage 1. Implementation of Feature 1 (Mapping, Indexing and Networking)

Stage 2. Implementation of Features 2 (Products and Services) 3 (Social Media Expansion) 4 (Media/News) and 9 (Ambassadors)

Stage 3. Implementation of Features 5 (The Blockchain) and 6 (Online Schooling). Upgrading and expanding upon pre-existing features.

Stage 4. Implementation of Features 8 (Abundance Network) 11 (Branding) 12 (Caravans)

Stage 5. Implementation of Features 7. Sovereign Temples and 10. Holons. Upgrading and expanding upon all features.

Stage 6. Implementation of Global Problem Solving Platform.

Stage 7. Launch of world’s first land based Global Decentralized Autonomous Nation

We project completion of Stage 7 by 12/15/2016

Section 3. Requisites
All Requirements have been met. All aspects under active development.