Spirit Walker

Skills and Experience

Reiki Master, Herbalist, Energy healer, Empath, Zen master, freelance writer, self published author, online journalist, alternative media, off grid homesteader, Natural living specialist, Cherokee Spirit Walker (medicine man) to name a few areas I concentrate in and have loads of experience in. I can show you how to heal naturally, live better-more natural and in-tune with nature. I can teach you to meditate and find a higher consciousness and put you on the right path to an even higher state of being. I specialize in awakening people to the truth that is unseen by close minds of the human race. I possess a set of powers and skills that I use to benefit others believing that everyone can attain nirvana in time.

What are your intentions?

To connect with others of link mind. To find those that want to be a part of my life journey with the same intentions. To promote my “medicine” for others to benefit from. To make it know that we are in the process of re-forming Dogwood Hollow Homestead Eco-Village and that we need assistance from the tribe as well as those individuals and any other organization that wants to see the community alive and kicking again.

Please list all Humanitarian Organizations/Cooperative Businesses/Communities/Social Media Profiles/Webpages/Websites you are linked to

Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty, Dogwood Hollow Homestead Eco-Village


Dogwood Hollow FB:


Twitter: @Merlyn_Seeley

In what Regions of the World do you hold Influence?

Southern Missouri USA

How would you like to collaborate with the Awakening Sovereignty Movement

I desire to Visit Intentional Communities, I desire to Live in Intentional Communities, I desire to Work with Cooperative Businesses, I seek Funding/connections/guidance to create a Community/Cooperative Business/Humanitarian Solution, I am offering Time/Energy/Resources/Knowledge to support the Tribe, I wish to Represent the Tribe as an Ambassador of Unconditional Love

What Do you eat?

Animals and Plants, Plants and Animal Bi-Products

What do you want to learn?

How I can be apart of the tribe.

Have you read our Manifesto/Action-Plan/Ambassador&Allies/ASCollective Documents (found under home)?


Do you want to Join the ASCollective and Receive 7 Sovereign Keys ?


How did you discover the Tribe?

Jackson Ellington

What do you need more of to further embody your higher purpose?

Love, Resources, Connections, Tools

What do you have to offer for the betterment of humanity?

Time, Energy, Presence, Resources, Knowledge, Land Access, Tools