ASCollective Report 2

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty is expanding more rapidly then ever before. The ASCollective has grown to include 13 individual organizations, 90 beings and over twenty thousand dollars worth of assets. Our Audiostream has launched and includes 105 above radio quality songs you’ve never heard before. Our website has been completetly upgraded to include numerous functions that support mutually uplifting co-creation on a vast scale.

A multitude of beings and organizations have come together to create a decentralized cooperative governance and value distribution system with the intention of empowering ourselves and each other to create solutions for all of the challenges we face. Our goal is to create a global economy that mints and awards funds to those that are changing the world in a positive way.
Our latest report can be found here.
More detailed information can be found here.

So many fantastic artists have come forward to offer their music for our audiostream. Featuring artists with conscious lyrics and quality higher then what you find on the radio, our stream is growing rapidly and will soon branch off into multiple channels for different genres. Our goal is to have our audiostreams on radio and wifi frequencies across the world.

Our website has been completetly upgraded to allow for forums, blogs, chatrooms, and stores that anyone can contribute to. The purpose of these new systems is to make networking to create and empower solutions easy and fun. All forms of contribution on our site are awarded with our currency, Sovereign Keys.

We are giving out 11 keys (77 dollars worth) to every new member. Key holders are awarded voting privileges within our collective, a 5.5% dividend of collective profit and 70% of our CryptoCurrency.

To receive your keys make an account on our website and submit an application to the Abundance Network (found under join).

We invite you to participate in this new paradigm of Unconditional Love, Peace and Excitement. Join the Love-Revolution and be supported in embodying your Purpose.


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