The Awakening Sovereignty Action Plan

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty is overflowing with joy to announce that our Action plan has fully manifested. We released our organized intentions only 2 months ago, and in that short time we have created every feature necessary to fully embody the New Paradigm of Unconditional Love and Cooperation.

As you read through the many aspects of our co-creation below, we invite you to consider where you feel the most drawn to participate and co-create. In each category there are unlimited possibilities! What features do you find to be the most exciting? What else would you like to see implemented in this reality?

1. Mapping, Indexing, Networking;
Our network has grown to include over 200 land based, open, beyond sustainable, co-governed locations in almost half the countries in the world.

2. Products and Services; We have created hundreds of business partnerships with new paradigm businesses that are representing the new paradigm by providing ethically sourced and fully sustainable products. Our complete consciousness superstore alternative for almost every product found within the old paradigm will be online soon. Additionally, our global list of healers, guides and teachers of all things related to the new world (permaculture, natural construction, Gi-gong, flow arts, acro-yoga, and so much more) will be online soon.

3. Media Expansion; Our media releases currently have a reach of over twenty thousand weekly impressions.

4. Media/News; Our global audiostream is launching within a month, featuring over 30 above radio quality artists with inspiring and conscious lyrics. Videostream and newstream coming soon.

5. The Blockchain; We now provide free tools for decentralized autonomous self governance. Many more features coming soon.

6. Online Schooling; We now offer free online general education, cyber schooling for programming and introductory classes for crypto currencies and applications, courses on applied spiritual techniques that create profound effects and blueprints for every kind of ecovillage you can imagine. Easy to follow instructions/videos for growing food/building natural homes/producing energy coming soon! (You can find our free educational materials underneath academy on our website.)

7. Sovereign Temples; We have 2 sovereign temples in Palo Alto with plans to create a third in Los Angeles within a month.

8. The Abundance Network; Has grown to over 90 participants.

9. Ambassadors; Over 40 beings have aligned to serve each other and humanity unconditionally.

10. Autonomous Holons; We are developing our first holon on our 1000 acre kingdom in Ecuador. Terra Frutis

11. Branding; Our tribe now includes over a dozen brands.

12. Caravans; Our current caravan is composed of three cars, and their first voyage begins on the 10th of april. Starting in Ashland Oregon and going up and down the west coast.

13. The Big Picture; A complete alternative for every function the old paradigm provides. News, Media, Employment, Housing, Investment, Education, Value Distribution, Security, Problem Resolution, Identification, Products and Services. These functions providing the foundation for a Global Solutionary Platform with all the connections, resources, and energies required to create and empower solutions for every challenge we face as the human race. Our solution creating platform has taken the form of a virtual reality simulation under development as we speak.

For the full 8 page action plan look Here.

Photo Credit to Pumayana

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  1. Janice diaz Janice diaz
    June 26, 2016    

    Wonderful news!!!!… So excited to be a part of this new paradigm… Can’t wait to learn more????????????✌️

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