Awakening Sovereignty Collaborative Network.

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty is a collective embodiment of Unconditional Love. Our purpose is to empower the human race with effortless access to all forms of nourishment and tools for mental, physical, and spiritual Sovereignty.

We believe we have ascended beyond the need for non-consensual governance, fear and scarcity. We have chosen to create and empower new systems of global, sustainable, ethical and transparent cooperative governance and resource distribution.

We are co-creating these new ways of being by unifying all those who choose alignment with unconditional support and compassion. By bringing together ecovillages, revolutionary technology companies, humanitarian organizations, political and environmental activists, spiritual pioneers, temples, artists and cooperative businesses we are growing a foundation for global solutionary empowerment that this world has never seen before.

Following is a detailed list of the organizations and leaders we are weaving together.

One Community: A team of Engineers creating open source blueprints for everything
Guardian Alliance: Creating New Age Spiritual Leaders
Numundo: A network of sustainable eco-communities
Village Building Convergence; A network of communities focused on North America
Comun Tiera: A network of communities in South america
EcoBasa: A network of communities focused in Europe
New Earth Nation: World leaders of the Global Sovereignty Movement
Bitnation: A decentralized autonomous nation creation alterantives to every service provided by non-consensual governence
Etherium: The leading edge of revolutionary blockchain technology
Synereo; A decentralized for the people social media platform
Exosphere; One of the worlds leading technology organizations
Ubuntu; The worlds largest political party aligned with unconditional love
Amma; A global group providing housing, nourishment, education and relief to those in need
Save the Children; An unconditional support organization that saves millions of lives yearly
The Transistion Team; A global networking organization moving towards creating a global society that provides for its people
Anonymous; The worlds largest Hacktivism collective.
Noomap; A movement to support and empower new paradigm beings
TeslaNova; A massive online resource for sustainable education
Code Academy: Free online programming schooling
Khan Academy: Free General Education
The Venus Project: Blueprints for technologically savvy ecovillages called Autonomous Holons.
The Resonance Project; A collective of scientists proving the existence of the spiritual realms
Passion Planet; A massive network of those choosing to spread positive information

Jae Sabol is the Founder and Executive Director of One Community, a non-profit and all-volunteer organization with a mission of transformational global change through designing, modeling, and open sourcing sustainably holistic, virally-self-replicating, Highest Good of All solutions. These solutions include food, energy, housing, education, fulfilled living, economics, and more. Combined they create comprehensive and modifiable village/city models purposed for global replication.

Dakota Kaiser is an Ambassador for Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. He chose to come here from Beyond to Guide and Protect all life in the transition from the Old Paradigm of fear and control to the New Paradigm of Unconditional Love. His chosen path has led him towards mastery of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sound Alchemy, Healing Arts, Natural and Commercial Construction, Permaculture Gardening/Food Forest Nurturing, Martial Arts, Economics, World Events and History, Programming, Robotics, Esoteric Knowledge, Strategy, and Human Psychology and Sociology.

Adam Apollo Amorastreya is the Founder of several international online academies and non-governmental organizations. He coordinates global meditation through Unify, teaches unified physics at the The Resonance Project, and trains real-life Jedi in the ways of the Force and the dynamics of consciousness in the Guardian Alliance.

Lucinda Loves is a Multidimensional Being here as a conduit of Unconditional Love. She shares this love through multiple healing modalities that include sound alchemy, breath work, aromatherapy, crystals, light and touch. She walks an ecstatic path of immeasurable love and service to all to raise the vibration of the collective to higher frequencies while Inspiring and empowering others to seek inner truth.

Jay Yogi is a Fermented Raw Food Alchemist and Founder of the open co-governed vegan community Terra Frutis. His purpose is to educate the world on the lost art that is Microbially-cultured Living Food preparation. His mission is to provide a healthy safe-haven for all wishing to live naturally and pollution-free outside of the control of corporate governments.

Christian Peirson is a highly motivated cryptocurrency advocate and media manager for the Synereo project. I have 5 years experience in Audio/Video work as a DJ amateur videographer and a background in study of philosophy and political science and philosophy from Temple University. My goal in life is try to move as many people towards the goals of sustainability through the responsible use of technology.

Joel Dietz traveled the world for the last ten years studying Ancient Alchemical secrets then declared his own kingdom centered at the Love Nest in Palo Alto, California. He founded and shares responsibility for the Swarm Alliance and the Decentralized Autonomous Society; an expansive network of people dedicated to decentralizing governance. He believes that love will conquer all, potentially with the help of some blockchain-based abundance generating software.

Bret A. Warshawsky is a Spiritual Philanthropist, Intuitive Networker, Visionary Troubadour, Planetary Co-creator and one of the Founding Co-steward’s of the Noomap Movement. He is passionate about Gift Consciousness, Synergistic Co-creation, and participating in Paradigm Shifts with Kindred Spirits. His life’s work includes transforming perceived mental illness into a blessing and the integration of film, music and philanthropy into a whole system solution for Planetary Shift and Regenerative Abundance.

Bri Isis is an Experienced Explorer of many dimensions and a vagabond artist inspired to activate others through her images and performance art. She is on a dedicated path of spiritual and interpersonal upliftment and enrichment focused on universal healing and ascension. It’s her passion to create and share her perspective of the infinite self with her human family and to learn from all the reflections she sees in the eyes of other beings.

Robin Liepman (Bloom) is an guitar and shovel wielding earth activist, weaving music, poetry, permaculture, transformational theater, and ecopsychology into his life’s work. His path is journey of transformation, self-discovery, and life’s calling through North, Central and South America, and Europe. Bloom co-founded and co-organized the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour: while traveling the West Coast with a team of Solutionaries to over 40 locations, creating engaging events that synergistically integrated permaculture, music, yoga and transformational workshops.

Anna Combi (Anahata) is a co-founder and co-organizer of the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour. She is an artist, yoga teacher, filmmaker, permaculturalist and aspiring musician who grew up in in a international meditation community and in the Redwood forests on the Pacific Ocean in the Bay Area. She designed her own B.A. interdisciplinary degree in Cross-Cultural Social Work and Sustainable Development. She spends her time traveling, living, and working in a variety of ecovillages, intentional communities, permaculture and biodynamic farms/gardens and healing arts/yoga/meditation centers throughout the world.

Stephen Page likes to be happy, likes other souls to be happy too. A voice for the voiceless and a general activist for positive change. He has spent most of his adult life exploring the planet and living various lifestyles.  He is linked to Terra Frutis and sponsors both buildings and people. Progressing that idea he is the founder of Plant a fruit tree, an international organization that helps anyone anywhere break free of all types of slavery.

Sophia Fairweather has dedicated much of her life to studying and sharing healing arts with the quest of integrating these teachings into a reality that supports each person and the environment to thrive. Offering practices such as yoga, tantra and dance for personal health and transformation and then bridging those services with permaculture activism, community building and music. Touring with NuMundo and co-founding the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour have been part of Sophias purpose to awaken sovereign action by planting seeds for this movement to continue to grow and evolve for all generations to come.

Keegan Meade is a Rainbow warrior of the wind, singer and co-creator of divine harmony, permaculturist, gardener, natural and modern traditional builder, massage therapist, (acro) yogi, martial artist, wilderness adventurer. He has a special passion for language, communication, and cultural exchange, fluent in Spanish and a student of Italian and Mandarin. His greatest passions are Love, Truth, and Freedom.

Bruce Terrel is a believer in Unconditional Love. Yes, love. Just love. It’s like love covers it all. Love is all that matters. He lives for beaming unconditional love in all directions always. Love always covers all the bases. Love is indeed all we need and all that we are. Unconditional love is always alive in the light and alive in the shadows. Everything is guided by love.

Christopher ‘Bird de Vashon’ Van Putten is a Flow, to grow All-Ways as called for by our Earth-Mother. After Focusing on local habitat restoration for a few seasons refocusing on addressing global systems of governance and societal Behavior became imperative. He is no more than the Ideas that he chooses to entertain and enact. Water is Sacred. Intent is Sacred. Reality Exists far beyond words. Be(e) Humble and Curious. We are One.

Brian Porter is an Ambassador for The Stars of Creation; sacred geometric symbols of rainbow light that come from a universal realm of love. The stars transmit color, light codes and sacred geometrical concepts that provide color therapy in the form of frequencies that create balance and health.

Tyler VVS is one of the first of many true Kings here on earth, here to herald the true Kingdom of God and the coming Golden age of man. He is the founder of D3FC(still in early beta); an online  digital democracy, a free to join club that pays all humans a universal citizens dividend in digital coins, a gaming social network filled with challenges that put the human spirit to the test and much more. Bringing unity to this world while creating alternative economic systems.

Carl Stanley Is a self sufficiency Guide and All Faiths minister. He believes that all paths lead towards Divinity. His passion is Awakening the Sovereignty within all those around him. He teaches independence through the elimination of monthly bills from a 5 point course that teaches proper perspective, how to grow food in an urban setting, how to generate electricity, how to pull water from the air and how to create exchangeable value from inside of the home.

Sumer Michelle is a Writer, Mother, and Inspirer in conscious alignment with Unconditional Love. She chooses to love all those around her as she forgives them for any past actions or perceived shortcoming to facilitate healing and growth. She knows we’re all connected and when one of us heals and grows, we’re all affected positively.

Shane Parks believes in the fundamentals of philosophical Taoism, Tai-Chi, Meditation, and his natural companions of Amazonian Plant Medicines to balance and harmonize his daily life. He is a founder of the Amazon Sustainability and Awareness Project. A project in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, ASAP is a community purposed to sustainably grow food and medicine, educate, and create economic opportunity to support local peoples and other projects while providing sustainable economic alternatives to gold mining, logging, slash and burn agriculture, and teaching certified Wilderness EMTs.

Mikael Angelo is a realized earth angel Rainbow Warrior of sound. He creates improv music while traveling and spreading the vision of a regenerated earth. Equity Holder/Media/Artist Relations Coordinator  of Radioflag; a radio network platform of over 15,000 thousand college, freeform, community stations. AA in horticulture from Fullerton college with an emphasis on permaculture. Interested in pursuing the art of natural medicine and plant genetics. Experienced in food forestry, landscape management,  making compost, compost teas, and plant propagation.

Jonathan Glenn is a mushroom cultivator, gardener, essential oil alchemist, and vegan food enthusiast. He volunteers with Humanity Healing International and is the co-founder of an online community called Hum Festival.  He is known for being a proficient networker, motivator, and emotional healer.  Jonathan is an earth/animal activist and revolutionary at heart. Dissolving the illusory boundaries between the hearts of humans is a calling he answers to and healing this planet is his mission.



  1. Naomi Anderson Naomi Anderson
    June 27, 2016    

    Hi. Myself and my family are looking for an out. We’re tiered of the tyranny of money, capitalism and the oligarchy that runs Australia and most of the world. We want to try and live in harmony with society but that seems impossible. We do want to live smaller, in a eco friendly mobile home or boat have a place to grow and share fresh food and live in a place where a citizens health is more important than money… Seems we are asking too much. If anyone on here has any ideas or suggestions we are open to listen. Thanks in advance.
    Naomi and Guy

    • July 8, 2016    

      On behalf of Dakota Kaiser – founder of the Tribe – I King Tyler VVS shall assist you. I also sent a copy of this reply to your email on file. I too tire of the tyranny. In lieu of corrupt clowns and politicians, I named myself King, only to discover that I have royal heritage in my bloodlines. God guides me and soon other innocent humans being made slaves will also rise up as sovereign beings. We are here to help you do the same.

      Where do you live – city or country? And what is preventing you from making sacrifices? You must plant seed and invest time to gain abundant dividends…

      Selling your home or renting out rooms and allowing someone else to live with you, despite the inconvenience, will help to split the bills – starting a garden or building a sealed plastic box network on the rooftop for a few organic vegetables if in the city – even if it does not provide 100% of your food, $10 a month saved is $120 a year earned… Tell me your situation and I can help. But remember, I can only provide you with information; in essence only YOU can truly help yourself to receive more through action that goes far beyond asking. What is your specific situation?

    • September 22, 2016    

      Move to a community somewhere and live that dream. Many available worldwide, check out

  2. Kathia Parada Kathia Parada
    July 12, 2016    

    I am a lightworker. I believe the unification of all awake, aware and unaware souls is the path toward a world of peace and nurturing. I believe that through love and light all things and be seen and through seeing, can the world around us be understood and in turn, accepted. All any being Seeks is to be accepted and we can show you that here and now????✨

  3. Ken Almodal Ken Almodal
    July 20, 2016    

    Thank you very much for inviting me in this group. I am new to this lifestyle but I’m open to change. More power to each and everyone! I hope we can change the world for the better!


  4. Yvette Yvette
    August 20, 2016    

    I am so happy this popped up 8n my email. My soul & my 6yr.old son’s soul are moving in this direction we just need a lil help. Im tired of living a life that isnt the life we are meant to live. I try to keep us outta the system as much as i can. I homeschool my son & teach him as much as i can on how to live a more compassionate self sustainable lifestyle. Ithink living at an EcoVillage would b a great learning experience & honored opportunity. However not sure where to go from here. Ive been meditating on this the whole summer & to my surprise this was in my email 🙂 we would appreciate this community, very much, to help point us in some sort of direction with our journey. Thank you. Aho ???? Yvette & Arlo

  5. Kord Campbell Kord Campbell
    September 2, 2016    

    > God guides me

    The universe and I are the same entity, at a level. You, the universe and all the rest of us are the same at a level. Saying something is “guiding” you at a level is setting it apart from these unities and speaking for a separate thing at it’s level, in this reality. I urge caution when doing so.

  6. September 14, 2016    

    What a beautiful community 🙂 I am a spiritual healer, teacher and holistic therapist working towards healing minds bodies and souls to help heal our beautiful mother Gaia.

    Unconditional LOVE is where we ARE and GOING too..Peace and much LOVE to all XXXXX Angel

    My you tube channel

    Educational website

  7. September 17, 2016    

    We are so happy to have found this network! My soul sister Holly and I have recently become fully awake. We have been called to use our practical skills as organizers and marketers to assist healing artis of all kinds guide as many souls to the other side of fear. Our enterprise is HAM-BA – Healing Artists Management & Booking Agency- Freeing spiritual teachers from Earthly details. We are transitioning from traditional jobs/business to make this our sole purpose. We want to be respectful of those already in this space, learn how we fit into this sharing paradigm, and embrace the surrender required to exist there.

  8. Marina Marina
    September 30, 2016    

    We would like to know more and start something like this on our property. We are a small family farm and are looking to build a community but need some guidance and help and people. Thank you.

  9. Red Red
    October 8, 2016    

    WoW serendipity found this space for me tonight!
    Luv when that happens. Gardening has been a lifelong passion because of my Grampas nurturing. To make a very long story short Everywhere I’ve lived I had to build gardens. In the early 80s the dream was in building earth people communities and holding ceremonies for worldwide travellers. Now I sit on a half acre permaculture prototype in a valley of mountains (as I call it) in New Mexico. Eventually when this place is finished I’ll be leave it as a universal journeyers gift to those who wish to keep creating the kind reality. I got lots of stories, done lots of art even a child’s book draft that needs a Photoshop/ marketing pro to help develop. Its a book about a dream and the painting seen in the dream which also became a painting in real life. This place is way too big for one person. The possibilities are endless to turn this space into what I’ve envisioned.
    Thx Red

  10. Cassandra Cassandra
    October 17, 2016    

    Eureka, I have found what I have been searching for! I identify with all of the beliefs, motives, and LOVE that every single one of you posses! Let’s get groovin’.

  11. Brittany Brittany
    October 19, 2016    

    Thank you for the invite. I can’t wait to get started.

  12. Manuel Manuel
    November 5, 2016    

    I am interested in finding out how to feel my true power and abilities and what is our purpose and act on it with certainty of self and Mission and wanted to see how I could receive healing to uncover that mystery that plagues each of us on our spiritual growth

  13. December 10, 2016    

    This excellent article helps me gain understanding of the Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty and feel even more aligned with the people who co-create the ASC. Thank you.

  14. Lindi Lindi
    January 7, 2017    

    OMG! I found a site on Facebook about a week ago. That site lead me to this. Everything I have read, so far, has resonated with me. I continue to learn more and expect that this community is the “real deal” — I hope — (and expect this may be a beginning of something truly awesome).

  15. Brandon helms Brandon helms
    January 19, 2017    

    I am on board with amazing individuals and teams it seems!!!! I am ready to more fully integrate myself into this collective. I am a lover just like all of you here to be of assistance with my skills and talents in permaculture woodworking sustainable technology sound healing and new earth visioning. My gifts are endless and I’m here to align with you and contribute as best I can. I have lots of free time and a love for service.

  16. Jana Wood Jana Wood
    January 21, 2017    

    I am grateful and excited to find myself here on this site. I share a passion for many of the ideals and initiatives, from what I have read so far. I am a writer with graphic design experience, and film and video experience. I love creating content for social media platforms, and utilizing social media to pursue social change. I am committed to our planet and preservation and protection of all of its species. I want to be part of the shift to a new paradigm based on unconditional love and compassion for all. I am eager to learn and contribute where I am able.

  17. Marianne Marianne
    January 26, 2017    

    Several synchronicities just lately have led me to this place. I worry so much for my children and grandchildren and intitatives such as this give me cause for hope. I am a permaculturist as well as being active in various local community events and groups. I am looking forward to learning from this academy and hope to awaken others to the incredible array of possibilities expressed and activated by this remarkable team.

  18. Cody LotusLight Cody LotusLight
    January 31, 2017    

    Hi everyone. Excited to integrate with this community and begin co-creating whatever I can assist with. I’m in Lawrence, KS in the middle of the US with only a handful of awakened people to interact with. Looking for more people to share support with, through digital resources and conscious coaching/spiritual direction resonance. I have a massive (TB+) digital archive of spiritually related media to bolster my intuitive guidance services, specializing in shifting perspectives to open up new vistas of possibilities through understanding, often related to the ways we have been programmed to think about the world and how to reclaim your ability to choose for yourself what to believe and act on. I’m working on tons of projects all the time, most of them related to continually widening my own awareness of what is going on in the world and how things work (obviously a path with no end). I’ve extensively studied metaphysics and spirituality in many different settings and books for the past 20+ years, since waking up as a teenager. Thrilled to see this sort of gathering of the tribes, and have many people in mind to bring into this fold. Let’s build this up worldwide and empower humanity’s best and brightest to realize their potential for bringing our systems of living into regenerative harmony with all that is instead of the destructive imbalances we are currently enacting on a global scale.

    • February 2, 2017    

      Hi Cody,

      It is good to know people like you are expanding awareness within and connecting to the global community.


  19. February 8, 2017    

    I am here to restore the human relationship with the earth. I am the founder of Honor Our Mother Earth-H.O.M.E. Realty. Our vision is to empower, enable, and connect homes to directly harness the resources the earth offers abundantly for free, and in the process, to shift the paradigm so that the earth becomes not a thing that we own, but a being in sacred symbiosis with ours. One day soon, we will have built alternative infrastructure so that we may, with one elegant, intelligent gesture, gracefully remove the illegitimate economic middlemen (banks) from the human/earth symbiosis.

  20. February 9, 2017    

    We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! Free at last!

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