Awakening Sovereignty Heroes

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty invites you to learn from and connect to our New Paradigm Heroes. Beings who have chosen to go above and beyond in their service to humanity.

Dakota Kaiser is an Ambassador for Multi-Dimensional Consciousness. He chose to come here from Beyond to Guide and Protect all life in the transition from the Old Paradigm of fear and control to the New Paradigm of Unconditional Love. His chosen path has led him towards mastery of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Sound healing, Numerous Massage Modalities, Natural and Commercial Construction, Permaculture Gardening/Food Forest Tending, Martial Arts, Economics, World Events and History, Esoteric Knowledge, Strategy, and Human Psychology and Sociology.

Jae Sabol is the Founder and Executive Director of One Community, a non-profit and all-volunteer organization with a mission of transformational global change through designing, modeling, and open sourcing sustainably holistic, virally-self-replicating, Highest Good of All solutions. These solutions include food, energy, housing, education, fulfilled living, economics, and more. Combined they create comprehensive and modifiable village/city models purposed for global replication.

Adam Apollo Amorastreya is the Founder of several international online academies and non-governmental organizations. He coordinates global meditation through Unify, teaches unified physics at the The Resonance Project, and trains real-life Jedi in the ways of the Force and the dynamics of consciousness in the Guardian Alliance.

Lucinda Loves is a Multidimensional Being here as a conduit of Unconditional Love. She shares this love through multiple healing modalities that include sound alchemy, breath work, aromatherapy, crystals, light and touch. She walks an ecstatic path of immeasurable love and service to all to raise the vibration of the collective to higher frequencies while Inspiring and empowering others to seek inner truth.

Jay Yogi is a Fermented Raw Food Alchemist and Founder of the open co-governed vegan community Terra Frutis. His purpose is to educate the world on the lost art that is Microbially-cultured Living Food preparation. His mission is to provide a healthy safe-haven for all wishing to live naturally and pollution-free outside of the control of corporate governments.

Joel Dietz traveled the world for the last ten years studying Ancient Alchemical secrets then declared his own kingdom centered at the Love Nest in Palo Alto, California. He founded and shares responsibility for the Swarm Alliance and the Decentralized Autonomous Society; an expansive network of people dedicated to decentralizing governance. He believes that love will conquer all, potentially with the help of some blockchain-based abundance generating software.

Bri Isis is an Experienced Explorer of many dimensions and a vagabond artist inspired to activate others through her images and performance art. She is on a dedicated path of spiritual and interpersonal upliftment and enrichment focused on universal healing and ascension. It’s her passion to create and share her perspective of the infinite self with her human family and to learn from all the reflections she sees in the eyes of other beings.

Robin Liepman (Bloom) is an guitar and shovel wielding earth activist, weaving music, poetry, permaculture, transformational theater, and ecopsychology into his life’s work. After graduation in 2012 he embarked upon a journey of transformation, self-discovery, and life’s calling through North, Central and South America, and Europe. Bloom co-founded and co-organized theBlooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour: Solutionary Productions Presents while traveling the West Coast with a team of Solutionaries to over 40 locations, creating engaging events that synergistically integrated permaculture, music, yoga and transformational workshops. Bloom is dedicated to helping all beings bring their optimal potential into full bloom, and to help facilitate the awakening of a global thriving equitable regenerative resilient harmonic co-existence for this and every continuing generation of Gaian earthlings.

Sophia Fairweather has dedicated much of her life to studying and sharing healing arts with the quest of integrating these teachings into a reality that supports each person and the environment to thrive. Offering practices such as yoga, tantra and dance for personal health and transformation and then bridging those services with permaculture activism, community building and music. Touring with NuMundo and co-founding the Blooming Biodiversity Permaculture Tour have been part of Sophias purpose to awaken sovereign action by planting seeds for this movement to continue to grow and evolve for all generations to come.

Keegan Blisstears Meade is a Rainbow warrior of the wind, singer and co-creator of divine harmony, permaculturist, gardener, natural and modern traditional builder, massage therapist, (acro) yogi, martial artist, wilderness adventurer. He has a special passion for language, communication, and cultural exchange, fluent in Spanish and a student of Italian and Mandarin. His greatest passions are Love, Truth, and Freedom.

Carl Stanley Is a self sufficiency Guide and All Faiths minister. He believes that all paths lead towards Divinity. His passion is Awakening the Sovereignty within all those around him. He teaches independence through the elimination of monthly bills from a 5 point course that teaches proper perspective, how to grow food in an urban setting, how to generate electricity, how to pull water from the air and how to create exchangeable value from inside of the home.

Sumer Michelle is a Writer, Mother, and Inspirer in conscious alignment with Unconditional Love. Shes chooses to love all those around her as she forgives them for any past actions or perceived shortcoming to facilitate healing and growth. She knows we’re all connected and when one of us heals and grows, we’re all affected positively.

Shane Parks is a former Stand Up Comedian, School Teacher, and IT worker-drone. For years he traveled, seeking the place he “fit in.” After selling all his possessions and leaving the US, he finally found his home as a founding member of the Amazon Sustainability and Awareness Project(ASAP). A project in the heart of the Peruvian Amazon, asap is a community purposed to sustainably grow food and medicine, educate, and provide economic opportunity to support local peoples and other projects. The mission of ASAP is to provide sustainable economic alternatives to gold mining, logging, slash and burn agriculture, and teaching/certify Wilderness EMTs for work in assisting all projects in the Amazonas of Peru. Shane personally applies the fundamentals of philosophical Taoism, Tai-Chi, Meditation, and his natural companions of Amazonian Plant Medicines to balance and harmonize his daily life.

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