Food Sovereignty

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty invites you to rise higher into your Sovereign Self by improving your quality of life and personal independence with our space age Aeroponic technology and beyond organic (Truganic) superfoods.

Introducing our Affordable Full Spectrum line of Beyond Organic HealthForce Superfoods. We offer various blends of hundreds of plants like Algae, Moringa, Nettle, Spurlina, Wheat Grass and much more. We combine balanced mixtures of superfoods with enzymes and probiotics to create raw living medicines to detoxify and nourish your body and mind. Our Truganic certification guarantees 100% Pesticide, Gmo, and Irradiation free food that came from fully sustainable sources.

Presenting the Tower Garden. An advanced, high density, multi-tiered grow system designed to grow as much food as possible in a small space. By utilizing Aeroponic technology developed originally by NASA our towers enable you to grow a tremendous amount of food effortlessly. Simply plant your chosen seeds, wait, and enjoy.

Tower Garden can be used in-doors and outdoors, keeps your plants alive even past freezing temperatures, and uses less then 10% of the water and nutrients required for traditional soil based methods while increasing yield by 30%. Each tower is capable of housing up to 28 plants. Available for 545$ or 12 payments of 45$.

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