Guardian Alliance

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty has become one with the Guardian Alliance, a learning community dedicated to awakening the innate gifts within us all. Together we provide online and offline courses, a wide range of advanced self-mastery practices, and Quests for individuals to get involved in making positive impacts in the world.

Each living being has a right to Sovereignty, to the opportunity to give their deepest Gift, to fulfill their personal Destiny. Life can be challenging, a gauntlet of perceived obstacles, unforeseen relationship dynamics, personal doubts and fears.

Guardians recognize that we all are part of a collective field that is constantly learning about itself, and each of us have an essential role in manifesting the well-being of all Life. Through the Journey of facing our own deepest fears, embracing our personal Shadows with Love, we come to see that All people can reach their highest potential. Through teamwork and the support of our Alliance, we discover that each of us also has the Gift to help others.

We invite you to explore our Transformational Initiate Course.

The Guardian Alliance

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  1. Will Harrell Will Harrell
    June 4, 2016    

    My name is Will Harrell, Swudly on some other…”sites of connection” lol. Thank you. Thank you and once again, Thank you. Im so very interested in more……….
    If you were me what would ask?


    Thank you,

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