Humans Unifying Global Solutions

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty has become One with HUGS – Humans Unifying Global Solutions

HUGS is a new paradigm non-profit dedicated to facilitating the research, unification and sharing of non-violent solutions for global sustainability and well-being. An open source charity with sacred transparency between our team, our contributors, the communities and projects we are supporting and the distribution of the funds and resources we collectively raise to reach our dreams and goals.

Our eclectic team of true visionaries have spent the last year creating self funded solutions in Peru; A free school for kids, A composting/rain collection system at a monkey rescue, and also a union/cooperative for local cacao and coffee farmers.

Now we are developing a pilot project to serve as reproducible model which provides basic resources (clean water, food, fiber, and fuel) to poor communities. This is a part of our effort to provide access to these basic necessities to communities who need it. Our models will provide a sustainable foundation for the communities to have their basic needs met and to produce an abundance of materials that will be able to derive a sustainable income by providing their excess materials and products in national and international markets.

Please find a moment to support our cause. All forms of contribution are greatly appreciated.


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