Sovereign Abundance Alliance

The Tribe of Awakening Sovereignty has allied with several organizations that are revolutionizing the way we exchange information with each other.

Introducing MindsMiramir and the Sovereign Abundance Alliance.

Minds is an open source social media platform featuring viral information sharing. Every action performed on minds accrues points. These points can be used to promote content of your choosing to the entire minds network. Minds is also notable for its encryption, blogging, image and video sharing capabilities.

Miramir is a revolutionary social network for those who care about our planet and our future as a human race. The rebels and dreamers, the outsiders, the crazy ones, the heroes. Those who see things a little different. Featuring the best of Facebook, Kickstarter, Reddit, Craigslist, and more.

The Sovereign Abundance Alliance is a collective choosing to promote companies that empower the human race by enabling effortless passive revenue streams through technology. By using the software offered by this collective you can earn up to 150 dollars a month per computer.

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